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Tokifuji Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics

Tokifuji Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics

Tokifuji Christmas Art

Tokifuji Christmas Art

See exclusive Tokifuji art and comics at Hardblush! Tokifuji and other top gay furry artists make high quality color pinups, comics and and image sets to make you rock hard. Tokifuji hails from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, they were somehow shanghaied into the furry art part of the internet and were never seen outside again…

Tokifuji has been a part of Hardblush for 3+ years and just keeps delivering better and better art. Tokifuji has a penchant making bright colorful pieces and has a weakness for drawing cute femboy characters with insane applebottom curves~ Their first ever furry comic was Dear Hustler which is now a classic.
They’ve now grown famous with HB comics such as Savor the Flavor, The Mightiest Shield, Getting Played,
The Pursuit of Horniness, Wish Upon a Star,  and a personal favorite of ours A Little Black Dress.

Tokifuji’s a hardcore anime,manga and videogame fan and draws inspiration from them, other HB artists, plus many others in the furry and anime art world, they hope to one day have a running webcomic and to make art and design their permanent career.

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Tokifuji has this to say about working for Hardblush: “Working at HB has a been a dream~ and not only am I being paid to create my own content I’m learning so much from HB’s Artist community especially Onta, I don’t think I would even be where I am without this place and I really appreciate that I’m part of it…p.s. Having so many Artist rivals around to keep my skills sharp aint too bad either lol”

Comics by Tokifuji

Savor The Flavor

The Mightiest Shield

The Pursuit of Horniness

Getting Played

Wish Upon a Star

A Little Black Dress

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