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Shopping Spree by FsMaverick
When your Sugar Daddy~ takes you shopping he’s going to need some kind of reimbursement

Friend or Foe? by Momoshi
The new scribe has gotten more comfortable in his surroundings and is enjoying his rare moment of peace… or maybe not

Forbidden Seas by DinamiteCupcake
The boys and the professor get to visit the beach! Eos has a special adventure on his own though~

The Show


The Show by Onta
Marty and Taylor put on a sexy exhibition for Jessie and Mu



Just For You! by Tokifuji
Kev (A little black dress) decides to make a naughty home video for a very lucky boyfriend!



The Hoss House by Slyus
A little fox in a big boy wonderland, he’s definitely determined to show he’s got the skills to pay the bills but can he even make it through initiation?


Closet Case 2 by Pokyuii
Mike’s story continues, today he learns more about the spectrum and the laws of attraction from a very involved teacher

Gettin’ Drenched by DrawPanther
Seems these boys are on better terms now than where they left off, what better way to bond than splashing around together in the waterhole?

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