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Rajii Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics

Rajii Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics


Big cats by Rajii

See exclusive Rajii art and comics at Hardblush! Rajii and other top gay furry artists make high quality color pinups, comics and and image sets to make your dick go in a butt. Rajii is a sultry South American Mayan deity responsible for the lewd wall drawings and carvings found in the temples, His immortal soul transfers from vessel to vessel as he continues his practice and upgrades his art tools, He works all digitally now. Rajii is also know as the god of gorgeous buttholes because of his incomparable skill to make the softest, most lick-able most outright delicious looking anuses in the furry art world. Not even an understatement. Dicks ain’t too bad either.

Rajii’s well known the furry fandom for his “bald” anthros, or more natural state anthro furs, he perfectly captures the quiet sensualities of these animals, he has a preference for big cat characters mainly for their beautiful patterns, horses and horse size dicks are a favorite of his as well. Rajii’s been with HB for nearly 3 years and has been making members happy with the way he draws members, Rajii’s unique use of color, light and shadow and the way he renders his subjects has a way of making the entire piece ooze with eroticism. Every character is meaty and grabbable, if only you could just reach through the screen! He’s made many pinups and some lovely vignettes such as Happy Birthday, Bunnies on Top and Happy Anniversary.

Rajii’s art is amongst the sexiest styles out there, high in demand and gorgeous, uniquely drawn and curvy characters that’ll make your mouthwater, allow Rajii to charm the pants off you you

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Vignettes by Rajii

Happy Anniversary

Bunnies on Top

Happy Birthday

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