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Onta Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics

Onta Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics

Taylor by Onta

Taylor by Onta

See exclusive Onta art and comics at Hardblush! Onta and other top gay furry artists make high quality color pinups, comics and and image sets to make you rock out with your cock out. Onta is really a robot programmed only to make the finest asses in all the land, he’s been in the world of furries for 7+ years and has naturally integrated into their society

Onta  is the founder of Hardblush and it’s been going strong for 5+ years , his art is distinctive with well defined linework and coloring, his femboy characters such as Marty, Taylor and Chase are well known throughout the furry fandom and he’s known for his many comics and vignettes such as Cross Platform, One last Load, Recipe for Disaster, A Good Thing, The Show ,Going The Distance, At The Movies and Sticks and stones.

Onta has been an inspiration to countless artists and has earned an impressive fanbase! He also build up HB for the main purpose of having artists draw what they like and be paid hansomely for doing what they do well. The HB fanbase appreciates it as well. He works primarily with paint tool sai, he also makes tutorials and brushes to spread his art knowledge of to whomever would get a good use out of them. He draws inspiration from from many but considers the erotic artist Po-Ju his sempai above all others, Onta has been making a living from art and design for 3 years and continues to expand his projects.

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Onta has this to say about Hardblush: “Gay Furry Art. That’s what kept me going and still keeps me going. I hope you all enjoy it, check out Wetblush as well.”

Comics and Vignettes by Onta

One Last Load

The Show

Cross Platform

A Good Thing

Recipe for Disaster

Going the Distance

Sticks and Stones

At the Movies

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