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Fangdangler Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics

Fangdangler Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics

Fangdangler art

Friends of Pine by Fangdangler

See exclusive Fangdangler art and comics at Hardblush! Fangdangler and other top gay furry artists make high quality color pinups, comics and and image sets to make you wanna dickslap somebody, right in the face.

Fangdangler hails from the clean side of the dirty south, (really Vancouver, Canada) he has a penchant for rich floral teas and big booty bitches. He’s currently attending college and working on a bachelor’s degree in fine art.  Fangdangler has been a part of HB for a little over a year and has contributed some of the most sensual and sexy art HB has to offer!

Fangdangler is fairly new to the furry scene and is getting his name out there, highly influenced by Rap and Hip hop society, his style is unique and recognisable, his characters are some of the cutest femboys in the fandom! Anatomy is a definite strong point for this artist and his art classes are acutely paying off, his is a mix anthro with anime/manga influence, super cute faces, fat meaty dicks and fat bottom figures, many species and sharp clean lines and colors are a regular feature from him, Fangdanglers HB works include Broken Shackles,  Bubbly Drinks and the infamous Friends of Pine

Fangdangler shows a lot of promise and will someday be in high demand in the furry fandom for his work, start showing him some support!

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Fangdangler had this to say about working at Hardblush: “I’ve learned how to produce sellable art. I’ve gotten experience and improved my work. The artists here are friendly and professional. Just to add, The idea that HB artists are payed/treated poorly is fabricated.” – Fangdangler

Comics and Vignettes by Fangdangler

Broken Shackles

Bubbly Drinks

Friends of Pine

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