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Chinpo Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics

Chinpo Gay Furry Art and Gay Furry Comics

Chinpo Art

Femboy in Pink by Chinpo

See exclusive Chinpo art and comics at Hardblush! Chinpo and other top gay furry artists make high quality color pinups, comics and and image sets to make your dick throw a fit. Chinpo came from a far away place to the land of HB along with his partner Powfooo, He greatly enjoys painting detailed cocks on any flat surface he can find. Chinpo has been a  part of HB for about 4 years, he specializes in adding ultra fine details to each and every one of his pieces of art

Chinpo is a Hardblush exclusive Artist and his works can only be found here, He puts such effort into each piece, making sure to define the fur, each sinewy muscle, every eyelash and making sure all the liquids look extra gooey and juicy, not to mention how smooth his colors blend. He tends to like the color pink for his femboys and all his characters have luscious designs Chinpo often works with Powfooo on collaborative projects which are also exclusive to hardblush. He has solo devilish vignettes such as The Lust Lord and Bad Boy, Good Night in his repertoire.

Chinpo’s Art is something to behold, well liked by the fine art appreciators and each erotic piece  will leave you wanting more

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Chinpo had this to say about working at Hardblush: “Ever since I have started working in HB I’ve felt lucky to be able to produce content for such a known site.

This job has allowed me to help sustain myself and my family as I grow as an artist and has been critical during these rough times we all are living in. The people have also been really nice, specially Onta who was really understanding during a period in which I wished to focus on other possibilities in my life and then allowed me to get back to work when I was ready.
Working together with all these great artists has been both humbling and inspiring, with their feedback helping me many times to improve my work and myself.
I have big hopes that my art will continue improving and I’ll produce better and better art for this community, and I’m thankful to everyone for supporting me (and everyone) through HB.”

Vignettes by Chinpo

The Lust lord

Bad Boy, Good Night

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