Hardblush Tour V



Detour by Tokifuji
A street savy, (slighty ratchet) smart mouth kid gets tossed in the klink where there’s already 2 tough looking cell mates, what could possibly go wrong?



Fighting Dirty by Powfooo
A lust story of Kung fu enthusiasts who compete at everything, but who’s going to be better in the sack?



Masodonia by Powfooo
Tay and Dexter go on their first date! But thanks to Tay’s big mouth, they make a sexy bet and Dexter has poor Tay in dire straits!



Friends of Pine by Fangdangler
It’s a femmy foxes birthday party and even his cake isn’t as creamy as he’s about to be~


The Lust Lord by Chinpo
In the second Plane of Sin, Khor-nahl, a blinding light interrupts the daily worship of the Lord of the Realm



Just For You! by Tokifuji
Kev (A little black dress) decides to make a naughty home video for a very lucky boyfriend!



Broken Shackles by Fangdangler
The Brave warrior Shackle attempts to capture some roughneck bandits but is easily caught instead! what’s going to happen to this pretty little kitty as he’s chained to the wall deep in their lair?



The Thief and the Traveller by Powfooo
 Kit’s a trickster and a thief who has been getting by with quick wit but his latest ploy doesn’t go smoothly, luckily for him Rufus comes to his aid as well as giving him his comeuppance for a smart mouth!



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hbfaceHardblush is updated 4 times a week!


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“Working at HB has a been a dream~ and not only am I being paid to create my own content I’m learning so much from HB’s Artist community especially Onta, I don’t think I would even be where I am without this place and I really appreciate that I’m part of it…p.s. Having so many Artist rivals around to keep my skills sharp aint too bad either lol” – Tokifuji



“Working for HB for so long has made me appreciate my passion for drawing much more than I ever imagined. To be in a place like this, surrounded by artists of whom you can learn a lot, turns out to be rewarding in many ways. I’m not a competitive person and I like to think that everyone has their part to give. See many different styles and skills has given me more knowledge and ability to see beyond my own art. I´m really thankful.” – Peritian